Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make up a Story from Rubber Stickers

March 15th, 2010, Mrs F, the first grade teacher, gave a small pack of rubber stickers to take home. The homework assignment was to write a story using those stickers. This was no easy task! By the time Yeshee comes home from school it is 4.00 pm. He barely gets a couple of hours to do his homework before it is time for dinner. So he really didn't have much time to think and come a up with a story which was due back the next day. When he opened the pack- in the beginning- we didn't know where to start. There were quite a few of those stickers. Of different shapes and colors. There were a few stars- blue, yellow and red. A shape of a crescent moon, a few squares, rectangles and triangles, couple of squiggly shapes. 2 round shapes, 2 hearts. You get the idea. But eventually, all the different pieces fell into place on the page of his workbook and became a story: Title: The Robber and the Stars
Sub title: I Heart the Stars
Do you see the man above? He is a robber. One night, he went to this old yellow house in the country to steal stuff. But unfortunately for him the stars were shining bright. There were barely a couple of clouds in the sky. And the moon was there too! The robber got scared that he might be easily seen and get caught. So he ran away... I heart a bright sky!
The End

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