Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conversation with Hurricane Sandy

As a homework assignment Yeshee wrote the following conversation with Hurricane Sandy;

If Hurricane Sandy could talk and take away my power this is what I would do:

Yesh: Hello Sandy.
HS: Hi Yesh.
Yesh: So tell me why you are attacking the north-east?
HS: I think people need to know what nature can do. Everybody takes it for granted that we have water and electricity...
Yesh: And?
HS: I like doing it!
Yesh: But why do you do it to the Caribbean?
HS: Because that's where I am born.
Yesh: And power?
HS: Well people take power for granted too!
Yesh: Yes, but people below 40th street lost power....
HS: Well, next year the hurricane will get worse!
Yesh: So?
HS: So, above 40th street will lose power!
Yesh: UH-OH!
HS: Anyways, got ot go to Toronto!
Yesh: Bye.
HS: Bye.


  1. Read about your blog in Daily Loksatta,dated 12th Nov.12.
    Gone through this blog.
    Motherly...warm and nurturing!