Saturday, November 29, 2014

Photos of Fall

Central Park looks so beautiful in fall! Not that it looks bad in other seasons. In summer it's all green. The trees are laden with green leaves and the grass is green too; it looks rather monochromatic but quite nice. In summer you really can't see anything beyond where you are in the park. You are surrounded by thick, dense vegetation and it is peaceful and tranquil. But as the trees begin to shed leaves, the park opens up. All the hidden treasures - the fountains, ponds, bridges and walkways that you couldn't see before because of all the greenery, come into view. And the changing colors of the leaves make the park look very lively. 

If I am not mistaken, there is a shot of this fountain in one of the Karan Johar movies.


New York city has so many beautiful parks. Just the Upper West Side has three big ones - Riverside Park, Morningside Park (below) and Central Park that is shared by the east and the west side of Manhattan.    


Helicopter flying over the cathedral of Sanint John

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